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88 modals

Modals of Ability – Past

In this lesson, students learn how to use could and couldn’t to describe their past abilities. Students will also demonstrate their understanding of when to use present and past modals of ability in context.

We recommend teaching this lesson after our Modals of Ability – Present lesson. Note that the images and activities in both lessons are similar so that the vocabulary is familiar for low-level learners.

  • 2 hours
  • 11 pages

This lesson does not contain audio.

  • grammar review
  • grammar explanation
  • grammar chart
  • examples
  • grammar practice exercises
  • speaking exercises
  • writing exercises
  • group work
  • swim
  • ski
  • snowboard
  • skate
  • play basketball
  • play baseball
  • play tennis
  • play the guitar
  • play the piano
  • use a computer
  • dance
  • sing
  • ride a bike
  • ride a horse
  • cook
  • positive/affirmative sentences
  • negative sentences
  • Yes/No questions
  • short answers
  • mixed tenses
  • can vs. could