116 prepositions
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Prepositions of Direction

Teach your students how to give and follow directions in this popular Fun Grammar Lesson. This lesson contains plenty of maps and related vocabulary for practice.

72 migrant children
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The Migrant Children Crisis

When migrant families were being separated at the US border in record numbers, people around the world put pressure on President Trump to make a change. Try this Historic Events lesson and get your students talking about this issue.

80 jack ma
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Jack Ma

Jack Ma is a self-made billionaire from China who founded Alibaba, a successful e-commerce site. In our featured Famous People lessons, your students will read a short biography about this entrepreneur and find out how he became China's wealthiest person.

72 universal basic income
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Universal Basic Income

In our NEW Discussion Starters lesson, students discuss the modern definition of “work” and the future of automation. This lesson includes a grammar review of the third conditional.