Featured Lesson

Going to the Museum

International Museum Day is on May 18. Will you be taking your students to a museum this year? In this Everyday Dialogues lesson, your students learn useful expressions and questions to use at a museum. Assessment tasks are included. We also have a blank vocabulary form to use for field trips.

116 adjectives and adverbs
Featured Grammar

Adverbs of Frequency

How often do you teach frequency adverbs? Students discuss their daily routines in this lesson from our Fun Grammar Lessons section.

93 victoria day
Featured Lesson

Victoria Day

Victoria Day is on May 21. In our featured Holidays & Events lesson, students learn about a holiday that unofficially marks the beginning of summer in Canada. This lesson includes an information gap exercise that gives students practice finding information in charts.

93 ramadan
Lesson Of The Week


Ramadan begins on May 15 and continues until June 14. In our ready-made Holidays & Events lesson, your students will learn all about this religious holiday that is celebrated by 1.5 billion Muslims around the world. We also have a Famous Places lesson about Mecca.