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88 adverbs and adjectives
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There's more to teaching adjectives than learning new words. This comprehensive Grammar Practice Worksheets lesson covers adjective sentence patterns and suffixes, participial adjectives, multiple adjective order and punctuation, as well as hyphens in multiple-word adjectives.

113 winter olympics
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Winter Olympics

Are you and your students following the Winter Olympics (Feb 9–25)? In our NEW Word Bank lesson, students learn basic words related to the Winter Olympics. Check out our Olympics Collection for all of our lessons and flashcards on this theme.

72 bullying
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The third Wednesday in February is Pink Shirt Day in Canada. Try our Discussion Starters lesson, and get your students talking about bullying and anti-bullying campaigns. After reading about the origin of this day, students review related vocabulary and discuss different types of bullying. We also have a lesson on Hazing.