Asking for Directions

from Everyday Dialogues

Low Int – Int

Here is a sample from our popular Everyday Dialogues section. Each lesson in this section includes a practice dialogue, a recorded listening, a follow-up activity, and a writing task. In our sample lesson, students practice asking for directions. They listen to the dialogue and then practice substituting related expressions in order to find their way around their communities. This lesson includes review activities that can be used for assessment. Our Everyday Dialogues lessons are suitable for intermediate learners.

90 simple present and present progressive stories

Simple Present & Present Progressive Stories

from Grammar Stories


At ESL Library, we believe that reading and listening to stories is a great way to learn grammar in context. Each lesson in our Grammar Stories section features two to five stories (with audio) followed by comprehension questions and writing tasks. Check out our sample lesson to see how the simple present and present progressive tenses can be introduced or reviewed through stories.

88 modals

Modals of Advice

from Grammar Practice Worksheets


Here is a sample lesson from our Grammar Practice Worksheets section. This section features beginner, intermediate, and advanced lessons filled with useful, everyday language that will boost your students' grammar skills and help develop their fluency. This Modals of Advice sample lesson includes a variety of written drills and group activities on this tricky grammar target. Your students will love coming up with some crazy class rules.


Minimum Wage

from Discussion Starters


Here’s a sample from our Discussion Starters section. Our Discussion Starters are popular because the topics are current and thought-provoking. They are designed to get even your quietest students talking. In this sample lesson, your students will discuss how minimum wage affects consumer habits and if there should be an international minimum wage. Our Discussion Starters lessons include reading, listening, speaking, and vocabulary tasks with an occasional grammar review. They are ideal for intermediate to advanced learners.

98 brexit


from Historic Events

High Int

At ESL Library, we know that teachers want materials about events that shape our world. Here is a sample from our Historic Events section, which features news stories that have captivated the world at various points throughout history. Our sample lesson on Brexit is a topic that is close to home for many ELLs. First, students read about the historic referendum in the UK in which citizens voted to leave the EU. Then they discuss how Brexit will affect language teachers and learners. The Historic Events section features lessons that are suitable for intermediate to advanced learners.


Video Game Violence

from Mini-Debates

Int – Adv

Have a look at a lesson from our Mini-Debates section. This section gives students an opportunity to read about a current event and take a stand on a related issue. In our sample lesson on Video Game Violence, students read about a law that temporarily prevented those under 18 from renting or buying video games containing violent or sexual content. Students debate whether or not video games increase violence. Lessons in this section are suitable for intermediate to advanced learners.

113 city


from Word Bank

Lit – Pre Beg

Our Word Bank lessons focus on very basic English words that you would find in a picture dictionary. These lessons are suitable for young learners or adults that are new to English. They can also be used with literacy students. Each lesson includes a picture dictionary, word puzzles, and listening practice. In this sample lesson, student learn words for places around the city. New topics are added monthly.

93 international womens day

International Women's Day

from Holidays & Events

Int – High Int

Here is a sample lesson from our Holidays & Events section. This popular section features beginner, intermediate, and advanced lessons to enlighten your students about holidays, traditions, and special events from around the world. In our sample lesson about International Women’s Day (March 8), students read an article about the history of the holiday and complete a variety of tasks individually and in pairs or groups. The lessons in this section include idioms and everyday expressions related to the topic.

80 bob marley

Bob Marley

from Famous People


Take a peek at a lesson from our ever-growing Famous People section. Each lesson in this section includes a one-page biography, comprehension questions, vocabulary development tasks, and discussion questions. In this sample lesson about Bob Marley, students learn some interesting history about this famous musician. They practice putting a timeline in order, and they discuss how music evolves. You’ll find lessons for beginner to high-intermediate learners in this section.


Simple Past – Past Irregular

from Basic Grammar Sentences


Do your students need to learn basic grammar structures? Each lesson in this section includes vocabulary development tasks, listening exercises, and speaking activities. Here is a sample lesson for teaching simple past irregular verbs. You’ll notice that there are lots of visuals that will help beginner learners understand the basics. This lesson includes writing practice, a pair information gap, a listening task, and a class survey. The lessons in this section are suitable for beginner to intermediate learners.

75 employment


from Living in English


Do you teach English to newcomers? Have a look at a sample lesson from our Living in English section. The lessons in this section feature practical vocabulary and skills required for living in an English-speaking country. In this Employment lesson, students survey each other about work experience and read "help wanted" ads. They practice filling out applications and they learn useful personality adjectives to use on a resume or during an interview. The lessons in this section are suitable for low- to high-intermediate learners.

118 aa


from Phonics & Pronunciation

Lit – Pre Beg

Your new or young learners can practice printing, pronunciation, and spelling in these illustrated lessons from our Phonics section. In this sample lesson, students work on the Letter Aa.

110 whats your name

What's Your Name?

from Super Simple Questions

Pre Beg

Do you teach English to absolute beginners? Have a look at a sample in this section. Each lesson focuses on a single question and a basic language target. These lessons include ready-made dialogues that your students can listen to and practice with their classmates. This sample lesson gives students practice asking and responding to one of the first questions students will hear in English. It also introduces the letters of the alphabet.

91 weather


from Simple Sentences

Beg – Low Int

Students need a lot of practice talking and writing about everyday subjects like health, transportation, and daily routines. Lessons in this section feature example sentences, review exercises, and picture dictionaries. In our sample lesson, students learn useful nouns, verbs, and adjectives for talking about the weather. They also learn how to ask and answer questions about the weather. The lessons in this section are suitable for beginners.

117 bicycles


from Discovery

Low Int – Int

This reading section features interesting facts about topics that young learners and middle schoolers love to learn about. The lessons are for low-intermediate to intermediate level readers. Each 5-page lesson includes warm-up questions, a vocabulary preview task, a short reading, comprehension questions, vocabulary review tasks, and a listening gap-fill task. This sample lesson on Bicycles includes interesting facts and history that dates back to the Wright Brothers.

74 apostrophe

How to Use an Apostrophe

from Writing in English


Do your students need writing practice? Our comprehensive writing lessons provide instruction and practice for academic, business, and social purposes. Each lesson focuses on a specific writing skill or type of writing. In this sample lesson, students learn how to use an apostrophe correctly. This lesson covers the two main uses of an apostrophe and common apostrophe errors. You'll find lessons for beginner to advanced learners in this section.

92 giving personal information

Giving Personal Information

from Functional English

Beg – Low Int

Our Functional English section features lessons for low- to high-intermediate learners. These are designed specifically for learners who are new to an English-speaking country. In this sample lesson, students review questions and responses for providing basic personal information, including names, addresses, and phone numbers.


Sitting Disease

from Health Matters


Are you covering health topics in class? Here is a sample from our Health Matters section. The lessons in this section are based on modern topics about healthy living and are centered around magazine-style lists. After reading and discussing the topic, students use the model to write their own lists. In this lesson on Sitting Disease, students discuss the importance of movement. Will your class accept the challenge of doing this lesson from a standing position? These lessons are ideal for intermediate to advanced learners.



from Role-Plays

Int – Adv

Are your students comfortable speaking without a script? Have a look at a sample lesson from our Role-Play section, where you will find scenarios and prompts that encourage learners to use everyday English in real-life situations. In this sample, students practice speaking in a variety of work situations, such as at the water cooler or in a meeting. Our role-play printouts include pair practice handouts, informal Quick Cards, and common, useful expressions.

116 verbs

Simple Present

from Fun Grammar Lessons


This grammar section was designed specifically for young learners. Each kid-friendly lesson is full of pictures and fun activities with grammar notes and exercises on a single grammar target. This sample Simple Present lesson is a must-have for any English teacher of young learners.

Ef numbers 0 10

The Numbers 0–10

from English Foundations


This section was designed specifically for literacy students. The lessons feature helpful visuals and symbols, large font, and minimal instructions. Each lesson includes easy assessment tasks and tools. This sample is from our numeracy set.

120 drawing


from Artistic Activities

Beg – Int

This section features a variety of fun worksheets to keep young learners engaged in your themes. You will find drawing and photography worksheets. This sample includes a worksheet that incorporates reading, listening, and drawing!

119 my family

My Family

from Guided Writing

Beg – Int

In this section, young learners use short prompts to practice their writing. Common themes such as family are used so that students can practice the vocabulary they've learned.

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